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So, some time in 2018 I made the choice to switch to the HLM alias. I deleted my YouTube (and the hiGamer24 history that it has correlated) and switched most of what I could [remember]. Now it's sometimes AmpereHLM. I need to update my website contents that badly.

"Hi! I'm HLM, or AmpereHLM. You may also know me as GamerGeek or GamerGeeked (The name of this website!). HLM is from Reddit, H-L-M, and means Howl Like Moon. Whatever that means (I'm so American that my Alias has "like" in it?).
This is my website. This is made (mostly from scratch). If you're on a computer and see asterisks, hovering over will show the note. Curently, there is no support for Touchscreens. On the right you will see the various pages. Go there!"

That's just a draft.

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